The Owl in Daylight

by Julia Davis

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This album was written for AULD LANG SINE, a contest I started and administrated in late 2004 to see who could finish an album by the new year. This album is primarily inspired by the final series of interviews with science fiction author Philip K. Dick, which detailed the outlines for what was to be his next novel, The Owl in Daylight. He died before he could finish it, but his concepts of divinity and creativity inspired me to create this album.


released January 1, 2005




Julia Davis Chicago, Illinois

Also known as Ubik or RocketMermaid in the tracking and vgremix scenes.

Professional brewer and trans lady who got into music with the demoscene back in the late 90s. I've been tinkering with production software ever since, primarily working in the nooks and crannies of weird electronic music. ... more

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Track Name: I Am In This World from Another That Has Been Burned
A hundred years ago, this entire block burned down. Two thousand people burned alive in a flash blaze that consumed the entire place in under thirty minutes according to the authorities, and under five according to eyewitnesses.

The blaze was found to have emanated from an apartment building room in the center of the block. And that room alone was untouched by the fire. And that room was abandoned, freshly cooked food found cooling on the stove, a pencil dropped on the table in the very act of writing.

Writing what, no one's yet entirely sure. The place was covered in pages of arcane mathematical scrawl. They eventually found their way into the hands of a university, who studied them at the city's behest.

The scrawl appeared to comprise three equations. The three equations seemed to represent a machine. A machine that was just three ideas in motion around each other. Solving the equations activated the machines.

It took a full ten years to evolve any workable theories as to what the creator - a half-educated seventy-year-old man who had worked as a janitor for fully fifty years of his life - was trying to do. He himself had to invent his own mathematical language to do half the work.

It took a full ten years before someone worked out that it was a machine intended to make another City. A better City. There were mathematical expressions of ethics, and love, and dignity in his paperwork.

For a moment there, that guy must've seen another world opening up before him. A better world. A good City. And then the flaw in his math kicked in and the block was incinerated.

Fifty years to invent the math to remake the city as a good and right place to live. And he fucked it up and killed hundreds of people in the fucking up of it. And he was never seen again.